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6 Tips to Reduce Muscle Soreness

6 Tips to Reduce Muscle Soreness

6 Tips to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Muscle Soreness also referred to as DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) is common among most athletes involved in intensive training regimens. Symptoms can include swelling, limited mobility in affected joints, tenderness and reduced strength. This is of course a hindrance to effective training and recovery.

The following tips can help to manage DOMS and condition your body to intensify training:

1) Recovery Formulated Diet Plan

The hours after a workout and during sleep, are the most opportune times to supply your body with the nutrients required for maintenance and repair, such as proteins, omega fatty acids and zinc/magnesium – through supplements or through balanced meal plans.

2) Heat Supplication

A body worn out from a workout will benefit greatly with heat therapy which can increase circulation and reduce inflammation to damaged muscles. This kind of activity must occur in-between workouts rather than after, as this could result in advancing soreness.

3) Fatty Acid Supplementation

Sore muscle and inflammation at the joints can be treated with foods rich in Omega-Fatty-Acids. Foods rich in these anti-inflammatory compounds are – Salmon, flax seed, avocado, and walnuts to name a few.

4) Cold Therapy

Applying cold packs onto sore muscles after a workout, can help reduce inflammation rates, thus allowing your body more time to heal and recover-without any adverse effects.

5) Balanced Rest Periods

Setting up smart exercise set plans will help avoid overexertion and allow you rest periods that will give you just enough time to run some mobility routines, keeping circulation high whilst avoiding long breaks, which could lead to muscle cool-down and chances of inflammation.

6) Stretching

Working out leads to an accumulation of lactic acid in working joints and muscles, and is one of the prime reasons for DOMS. Stretching can help reduce soreness and help you move into your next workout effectively. It increases your ability to follow through exercises with a full range of motion,which will add benefits to the particular muscle groups in training.

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