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Wawan Nutrition Mass




Mass from Wawan gives you a huge hit of very high quality EU sourced protein and carbohydrate to ensure that you maximize recovery post workout.  It includes vitamins and minerals of the very finest quality to support health.  What’s more, it is more vegetarian friendly and Halal approved.

This state of the art gainer combines a 60g blend of proteins per serving which includes EU whey from grass fed cattle, micellar casein, pure egg white and hydrolyzed whey for easy absorption by the body.  It also includes 900mg of peptide bonded glutamine to aid recovery.  To fuel muscle growth and energy, Mass includes a 212g dose of a very special blend of carbs to optimize insulin response as well as provide a slow release of energy.  Unusually, it contains an array of patented essential minerals from Albion® Minerals required to promote optimized health and wellbeing. Importantly, it does not contain any added dextrose, fructose or sugar.

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Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Glazed Donut, Hazelnut Cream, Strawberry Milkshake, Vanilla Icecream


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