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Wawan Nutrition Micellar Casein




Wawan Micellar Casein is a world class protein formula which is made from only the best EU sourced premium undenatured milk. Using state of the art filtration technology our amazing dairy partners carefully filter unwanted fat and carbs to leave just native milk proteins, Micellar Casein. With no added fat or sugar, Micellar Casein provides a slow-release protein source to provide muscles with a sustained level of amino acids. Once the casein hits the stomach acids, it turns into a gel, slowing digestion and allowing the protein to be released over a sustained period of time, for up to six hours while you’re asleep or resting. When the body is asleep it goes without nutrients, which is where slow-release protein comes in. By providing a protein that the body digests slowly while you sleep, your muscles are provided with amino acids to aid the maintenance and growth of muscles throughout the recovery period. Micellar Casein from Wawan Nutrition is not to be confused with acid casein or caseinates which are made using manufacturing processes which can denature the protein, meaning the nutritional value of the protein is lessened. Wawan Micellar Casein is made in accordance with ISO9001 Quality Control standards, a process which includes protein testing of every batch of Wawan Micellar Casein to ensure each tub meets it label claim.

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Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, Strawberry Banana


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